DYI Boho Waterfall Twist with added Tassel

How to do a waterfall twist braid with added hairpieces.

As we know, boho and waterfall braids are trending HARD! I do this cute hair style on myself quiet often and get tons of complements for inspired artist and plenty of strangers, always being ask to do a DYI waterfall braid or DYI waterfall twist. This style is fantastic for shopping, work, school and even parties. I used this technique on brides for various weddings. It makes my brides so happy when they want hair out of there face but something fancy. Also looks great when complemented by loose curls. I reviewed over and over that everything makes sense! If answer questions comment below. 

 Photography| Erika Delgado Photography

1.     Part hair to one side.
2.     Place some hair in a pin; this will be hair that is added to the waterfall.
3.     With the unpinned hair, split in half.
4.     With the hair split furthest away from the face (part 2), tie your hair piece in a single knot.
5.     Make sure its tight; if it slips place a bobby pin through it.
6.     Twist part 2 under part 1.
7.     Grab a little piece of hair and add to part 2.
8.     Try to keep hairpiece on top to show.
9.     Again, grab little piece of hair and add to part 2.
10.  Repeat
11. Repeat
12. Unpin hair
13.  Grab a little piece of unpinned hair and drop it.
14. With part 1 and 2 just twist once
15. Again grab a little piece of unpinned hair and drop it.
16.  With part 1 and 2 just twist once.
17.  Keep repeating until final look is desired.
18.  Complete your look with a cute jacket!